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11 Bills on Chamber of Commerce ‘Job Killer’ List Bite the Dust

Poll after poll has shown that public regard for the California Legislature has fallen to an all-time low. If their so-called public hearings are any indication, our elected representatives in Sacramento have an equally low regard for public opinion. “You’ve struck a nerve,” said Allan Zaremberg, president and CEO of the California Chamber of Commerce. He bemoaned the many times that individuals and businesspeople who were “willing to sit there waiting their turn” – often having taken the day off from work and traveled many miles to make their voices heard — never got a chance to speak. Read More. (The Sacramento Bee CapitolAlert 06/15/1)

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Brown Paddles His Canoe on Left, Then Right

Brown also rejected one of the year’s highest profile measures, which would have prohibited employers from requiring arbitration agreements and thus made it easier for workers to sue their bosses….

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