California Chamber of Commerce (CalChamber) is a not-for-profit organization committed to helping California businesses survive and thrive while complying with complex laws and regulations. Our more than 13,000 members are a diverse group, employing more than a quarter of the California workforce from large companies to those that employ a handful of workers.

Our work does not end when elections are over and the votes are counted – that’s when the hard work really begins. CA Job Killers, which is a program of the California Chamber of Commerce, tracks more than 3,000 legislative proposals every year, sounding the alarm when a bill will hurt employers and the economy. CA Job Killers works to win support for legislation that will help the jobs climate and businesses to prosper. We work to educate legislators about the serious consequences these job killer bills will have on the state.

Policymakers listen to CalChamber advocates because they know that we speak for close to 15,000 member businesses, which employ a fourth of the state’s private workforce and reflect the diversity of the California business community.

We are dedicated to getting California business’ to thrive and prosper despite dangerous legislation. We work hard for you, so you can work hard for your business.

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