30 of 31 Job Killer Bills Stopped

(October 18, 2019) Overall, CalChamber had a successful legislative year. Just two of 31 job killer bills identified passed the Legislature this year. Governor Newsom vetoed one and signed the other.

  • Vetoed was legislation that threatened to create adverse consequences by impairing the state’s ability to adaptively manage its water supply (SB 1; Atkins; D-San Diego). It could have affected voluntary water agreements, existing water projects and water flows for agriculture and development.
  • Signed into law was a bill similar to one vetoed by Governor Brown last year that prohibits arbitration of labor and employment claims as a condition of employment (AB 51; Gonzalez; D-San Diego). Last year’s veto was on the basis that the bill “clearly violated federal law” (the Federal Arbitration Act). The legality of this bill will undoubtedly be challenged in litigation.