Cal Chamber Opposes 37 ‘Job Killer’ Bills

The California Chamber of Commerce today released its annual list of what it calls job killer bills being proposed by state legislators. “This year’s CalChamber ‘job killer’ list includes 37 proposals that would make it even more difficult for California companies to remain viable in this difficult economy,” said Allan Zaremberg, president and CEO of the Chamber. “Our businesses need to have certainty that they can be competitive before they will begin to reinvest in our economy. Not only do these bills send the wrong signal and create an uncertain environment for investment but, if passed, they would create new costs that would harm our ability to recover and add new jobs.” “The only way out of these economic hard times is a rebound of the private sector. Our policy makers must focus on job creation, reducing regulatory burdens and holding the line on new costs. If enacted, these ‘job killer’ bills would make it even more difficult for us to solve the huge, gaping budget hole that Gov. Schwarzenegger announced on Friday.” Read More. (The Orange County Register 05/17/10)