‘Job Killer’ Watch: CalChamber Identifies 17th ‘Job Killer’ Bill​​​​​​

The California Chamber of Commerce has identified a new “job killer” bill, bringing the current list to 17 bills. The latest bill will be heard in the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee tomorrow.

SB 563 (Pan; D-Sacramento) deals with treatment management within the workers’ compensation system.

CalChamber has deemed the bill a “job killer” because it significantly undercuts recent system reforms and will drive system costs.

CalChamber is further concerned that SB 563 (Pan) exposes injured workers to potentially inappropriate treatment and potentially dangerous treatment.

According to CalChamber’s bill letter​ to the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee, SB 563 would significantly increase system costs. The recently enacted Independent Medical Review (IMR) process was estimated to save the system nearly $400 million by increasing the efficiency of resolving medical disputes. By significantly undermining the IMR process, CalChamber argues, SB 563 threatens to eliminate potential savings from the recent reforms and drive employer costs higher in what already is the country’s most expensive workers’ compensation system. (CalChamber, April 21, 2015)