CalChamber Stops ‘Job Killer’ on Assembly Floor

​(January 31, 2014) Strong opposition from the California Chamber of Commerce, business groups and local chambers has stopped a “job killer” on the Assembly Floor. The bill failed to have enough support to even garner a vote of the full Assembly.

The bill, AB 1164 (Lowenthal; D-Long Beach), allowed an employee who claims a wage violation to assert a lien on an employer’s real or personal property, or even a third party’s real or personal property, before any trial or administrative hearing has been held to determine if any wages are actually owed by the employer.

A coalition of 59 business groups and local chambers of commerce joined together to oppose the bill. The coalition sent a floor alert to members of the Assembly on January 27, voicing strong and unified opposition to the measure. As a result, the Assembly placed the bill on the inactive file, thus causing the legislation to miss the January 31 deadline for bills to pass their house of origin.

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