Democrats Lead the Way in Killing ‘Job Killer’ Bills

In his six years in office, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has played the predictable Republican role of gatekeeper on legislation he deems to be anti-business, vetoing more than 90 percent of bills that the state’s Chamber of Commerce calls “job killers.” But over the past dozen-plus years, it has been Democratic lawmakers who have become the unlikely allies in ensuring so-called job-killer bills don’t get through the legislative chambers they have controlled. Allan Zaremberg, the president and CEO of the California Chamber of Commerce, said that once many Democratic lawmakers realize the “adverse consequences” of their legislation, they often back off their bills. “A lot of legislation that starts out well-intentioned falls by the wayside when lawmakers hear both sides of the story,” Zaremberg said. “If we can just get out the harmful impact a bill has on jobs and the economy, the author might have second thoughts.” Read More. (Contra Costa Times 10/26/09)

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