EDITORIAL: Are we business unfriendly?

“…Taxpayers deserve an answer to the fundamental question of whether the state is unfriendly to business. Critics have long said that California loses jobs to other states because it is cheaper and easier to operate outside of the Golden State. Others claim that regulations are needed to protect worker health and consumers.

If job creation and California’s economic revival is being hampered by overbearing regulations, frivolous lawsuits and other factors, the state’s leaders must be willing to make adjustments.

The governor and the Legislature should consider appointing a bipartisan commission to look into the issue and make recommendations on changes to state laws and regulations if they make sense.

It’s unfortunate that the Campbell Soup Co. is closing its Sacramento plant. Let’s find out why and what can be done about future plant closings.” (Fresno Bee, September 30, 2012). Read it here.