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Job Killer Bills Awaiting Action by Governor

​(September 4, 2012) In the closing days of the legislative year, four California Chamber of Commerce-opposed “job killer” bills passed the Legislature.

The following bills await action by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.:

AB 2346 (Butler; D-Los Angeles) Increased Costs and Unreasonable Requirements — Could increase the price of food and force growers to move their crop production to other states and countries, thereby hurting California exports, by creating excessive, unnecessary new rules regarding heat illness prevention with unreasonable consequences for violations.

AB 1186 (Skinner; D-Berkeley)/AB 1532 (John A. Pérez; D-Los Angeles)/ SB 535 (De León; D-Los Angeles)/ Illegal Tax Increase — Increases energy costs, including fuel prices, on consumers and businesses by allocating funds from an illegal tax to various programs that are not necessary to cost-effectively implement the market-based trading mechanism under AB 32.

Two “job killer” bills passed the Legislature in July and were signed by the Governor just a few days later.

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