Strong Opposition Stops Last-Minute Job Killer, Onerous Requirements

(September 14, 2022) On the final day of the session, Assembly members heeded the concerns raised by the California Chamber of Commerce a coalition of more than 110 organizations and stopped a last-minute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction proposal.

AB 2133 (Quirk; D-Hayward), a job killer, would have arbitrarily changed the State’s greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goal from 40% of 1990 levels by 2030 to 55%. By the State’s own estimate, this proposal would have forced 17 million gas-powered cars off the road in the next 10 years. AB 2133 died in the final hour of the session when the Assembly failed to concur in Senate amendments, 37-22.

The CalChamber-led coalition opposing AB 2133 included business, agriculture, industry groups and local chambers of commerce.

“We are relieved AB 2133 failed passage and grateful to the legislators who voted no on the measure,” said CalChamber President and CEO Jennifer Barrera in a September 1 statement. “It is clear this measure would have been detrimental to our economy. The bill threatened the state with excessive costs that would have hurt both California residents and businesses.”