These bills would kill even more Calif. jobs

“California’s official unemployment rate in June was 10.7 percent, third highest in the country. It’s been in double digits for 42 straight months. When those who have stopped looking for work or are underemployed are included, California’s real unemployment rate skyrockets to 20.3 percent.

One of the reasons that one out of five Californians is in such dire straits is due to the job-killing legislation coming out of Sacramento. The California Chamber of Commerce has identified three Democratic bills currently moving through the Legislature that will likely lead to even more job losses: AB 1450, AB 1999 and AB 2039. The bills purport to help job applicants and employees, but in doing so they will increase the burdens on already over-burdened businesses.” (CalWatchdog, August 15, 2012). Read it here.